As a brand new executive chauffeur company, launched in Belgium, EXECUTIVE CAR RESTYLING provides first-class travelling service in Belgium and across Europe. Pioneering a new standard, EXECUTIVE CAR RESTYLING developed a service to meet the today's travelling needs of executives and private individuals. EXECUTIVE CAR RESTYLING offers state-of-the-art mobile office technology and entertainment by driving you the most luxurious and powerful multi-use automobile. To ensure your utmost comfort and safety, EXECUTIVE CAR RESTYLING only employs professional chauffeurs who are carefully screened and monitored. EXECUTIVE CAR RESTYLING’s head office is based in Belgium - Boortmeerbeek, situated between Brussels and Antwerp. Ing. Gunter Vercauteren, Managing Director


To create a stylish and functional ambience with absolute privacy, EXECUTIVE CAR RESTYLING presents to you his state-of-the-art automobile for first-class travelling. Power adjustable comfort seats with sleeping position for two passengers. Both seats have a unique seat climate package, individual adjustable air suspension and are covered with soft and breathable leather. A mobile touch screen to control the entire multimedia system, installed on top of the centre console between the two seats. The mobile touch screen controls the Computer, Blu-Ray player, Xbox 360 and I-pod. If one of these options is selected, a 40-inch full High Definition LCD monitor will be deployed automatically from the partition wall to visualise the passenger’s request. A separate privacy window for the rear can be deployed automatically by a touch of a button. Multi-use panels on both sides with LAN-, 220 V-, USB-sockets and extra manual buttons to control the rear side windows, the privacy window, the LCD monitor and the adjustable lightning above the folding tables. Mobile Office on board, LAN and Wireless LAN connections for internet and server accessibility. USB color scanner and a full color laser printer. Dolby surround 7.1 system, perfectly reproduced by a custom-tailored High Fidelity system. A panoramic sun roof for natural light and a second electrical glass sun roof, both for the rear passengers. A climate control system for the rear to control the ambient air temperature. And an electrical operating sliding door for easy entry. Drawers for cups, plates and cutlery for passenger’s convenience. On-board refreshments, a refrigerator for Champagne, a Whisky-Cognac-Wine bar and a ‘Nespresso’ coffee maker are parts of the exclusive equipment.


As a total concept, EXECUTIVE CAR RESTYLING, offers you an ALL-IN price of 90,00 Ř* per hour (from garage Boortmeerbeek to garage Boortmeerbeek) INCLUDED - Chauffeur - Unlimited mileage - Use of multimedia (Computer, Blu-Ray, Xbox 360, I-pod, etc.) - Internet (LAN/WLAN) - ‘TIJD’ and ‘THE FINANCIAL TIMES’ internet access + newspaper copies - A4 color printing. - Soda refreshments. - Red wine, Médoc, DeuxiŹme Grand Cru Classé. - Nespresso coffee. EXTRA -Champagne, DOM PERIGNON (latest vintage) 295,00 Ř* per bottle. -White wine, Appellation Chablis Premier Cru Contrôlée 150,00 Ř* per bottle. -Red wine, Médoc, DeuxiŹme Grand Cru Classé, Saint-Julien 150,00 Ř* per bottle - Special requests Contact the Managing Director * VAT 6% not included The following Credit Cards are accepted American Express – Diners Club – MasterCard – Visa


If you want to upgrade or customize your car interior into a luxurious, effective and functional design, AtIUM offers you a tailored interior car design, with respect to comfort, noise level, aesthetic appeal, ergonomic layout and durability. Atium develops, constructs and installs elements or parts like seats, trim panels, multimedia, sound systems, partition walls, exclusive equipment and more. To help you with your decision, a personal manager guides you trough all the possible options. We are looking forward to meet you in our headquarters. Belgium, 3190 Boortmeerbeek, Looikesstraat 1 tel. 00 32 473 11 44 85 BE 0.478.817.536cardesign@atium.be


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